About Us

My story started a little over four years ago when I got the news that my youngest son had severe ASD. #autismspectrumdisorder

That day, I cried and grieved all of the plans and ideas that I had for my son’s future. I dove deep into trying to understand the world of Autism and how to best raise Oliver.
Soon after, I left my job as a chef and began my journey as a full time caregiver to him.
Over these last few years we have made so many new friends that have loved, guided and supported us along our journey. My eyes have been opened to a community that I’m embarrassed to say that I had never noticed before. I am so grateful for that.
I believe Oliver is thriving! He is a very sweet and loving boy. I was told years ago to teach him to read and expose him to as much as possible. So that’s what I do. We do things like soccer, swimming, baseball, surfing, cooking, traveling, art, community gatherings and much more.

As busy as I stay with Oli, I have never stopped baking. It is my outlet for stress and anxiety and it’s a way that I can express and share my love with people.
I have been baking and sharing these amazing Plant Based Chocolate Chip cookies for over 3 years. I have finally decided to start packaging and selling them. It is my goal to be able to continue to be able to expose Oliver to many new adventures and help him thrive in life while spreading Autism awareness and acceptance one delicious cookie at a time.

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