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 I love love 💕 love these delicious chocolate chip cookies!! My favorite way to eat them is to warm them up in the microwave and have them like they’re fresh out of the oven💕

Arthur Basile 

I own a big mortgage banking company that’s nationwide! I bought quite a bit from Laura and my branches were in heaven!
The only downside to these cookies are, there was not enough as my staff wanted more🤗🤗
They’re already putting in their orders for next year as everybody absolutely loved not just the cookies, but the presentation as well.
Laura, you are an amazing lady and I owe you big-time for making my company and its employees so happy at Christmas time!
I wish you only the best with your new venture this year!❤️❤️

Tina Meisberger 

Wow! One cookie and I was hooked! The flavor of these cookies are so unique…not your typical chocolate chip cookie at all. Simply delicious.

George B 

Super Yummy!

Karen Donovan 

These cookies are amazing! I was plant-based for years and tried many plant-based cookies and none compare to these. You wouldn’t even know they were plant-based


I saw Oli’s Cookies story on CBS8 The Zevely Zone and realized that Laura and Oli are my neighbors. I ordered two bags of the holiday Cranberry Orange Pecan Chocolate Chip cookies that night. OMG! These are the best cookies I have eaten. They are moist, and every bite is full of flavor and chunks. Highly recommend trying them. You will be hooked. 

Jason Waldie 

I can’t believe how amazing these cookies are! Hay healthier than most and all for a great cause? Couldn’t get any sweeter than that!! 😉


I absolutely love this cookie! It satisfies all of my cravings without the guilt. I mean let’s face it. Sometimes you just got to have a cookie! It might as well be made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Chef Shane D. 

Hands down, the most delicious cookies I have ever eaten in my life!


Absolutely the best chocolate chip cookie ever! And I love me a chocolate chip cookie!

Shane D. 

Hands down, most delicious cookies i have ever eaten!


Seriously, can I give six stars instead of only five? So soft, so delicious, I love them! Cannot wait to order more.

Carolina Perez 

There very delicious 😋 soo soft ,only bad thing you can’t eat just one 😂 I wanted to eat them all the time.
Super Recommended 🤩

Melyssa Donovan 

Best cookies ever. They have that gooey “fresh out of the oven” taste all the time! Most delicious homemade cookies ever.

Mara Faulkner
My family’s absolute favorite chocolate chip cookies! It’s chewy, has a hint of coconut, and a good amount choco chips. We like to warm it up for a few seconds in the microwave to get some gooey chocolate goodness. We gifted a few bags to our family in Florida over Christmas and they loved it too.

Liliya R
These cookies are my favorite! Super delicious combination of chocolate chips and pecans. I love them with my afternoon black tea.

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